UK Services

Xcelentra and its associates together have many decades of experience in various financial and accounting services in many countries, including the UK. We are leading providers of cutting edge and cost effective payroll processing services – indeed, we are one of the most reputed payroll service providers in the UK and are considered one of the best companies in the UK for payroll processing services and payroll outsourcing solutions. Xcelentra provides customized and speedy employee payroll processing services to companies of all sizes, including small businesses.

Our services in the UK broadly include:

  • Payroll Processing
  • Sharing trial run reports with clients before actual processing
  • Generation and distribution of pay slips via email
  • Data management of master data with appropriate tracking of any changes
  • Assistance in statutory compliances in relation to payroll services
  • Assistance in tax issues related to payroll of individuals
  • Personal employee support services concerning individual payroll matters, including tax return filing
  • Query handling of employees regarding their pay slips
  • Preparation and filing of P11D

Social Security Exemption

Xcelentra offers complete end to end services to our clients in the UK in order to ensure that they get the maximum benefits possible under Social Security Exemption rules. Xcelentra assists its clients in getting the maximum benefit from these rules by helping them comply with SSA (Social Security Agreement) requirements, liaisoning with the Indian Provident Fund office and also with UK’s Social Security office.

Xcelentra provides cutting edge PAYE Advisory services to its clients in the UK. Xcelentra has thorough expertise and experience in applying to relevant authorities in the UK for claiming dispensation for expat employees of client companies. The dispensation enables our clients to conveniently work out PAYE for expat employees and optimise the net take home pay for their employees.

Individual Tax return filing

Based on our expertise in the field of individual taxation internationally, Xcelentra offers comprehensive, cutting edge, customised individual tax preparation services and income tax return filing services, along with taxation advisory services (including company tax return, tax filing services for small business, non resident UK tax return, UK expat tax return, etc.). Xcelentra not only prepares regular tax returns for clients in the UK but also explores and claims various benefits available to an individual in different countries in order to minimize his tax liability. Apart from the regular individual tax return filing, we also represent our clients before relevant authorities in the UK (such as Income Tax, Social Security, National Insurance, etc.) with respect to their tax and social security matters, as and when needed.

UK Tax return filing

In the UK, if you receive a letter from HMRC requesting you to file the tax return, then you need to file the tax return even if you don’t have any taxable income. Failure to file timely returns may lead to HMRC charging some penalty, which would keep on escalating and may reach thousands of pounds.

Further, if you have any income on which no tax has been paid, then you need to file the tax return and pay the tax even if no letter from HMRC is received to file the tax return. You need to have a UTR (Unique Tax Reference) Number to enable you to file tax returns in the UK. You can apply for a UTR number by writing to HMRC.

Expat Employees

The taxation of residents and non-residents in the UK is very different but there is a Statutory ‘Residence’ Test to help you determine whether you are legally a resident or not.

The test applies from the tax year 2013/14 onward as different rules apply for the years up to 2012/13. However, under both set of rules and without exception, you will be considered a UK resident for taxation purposes if you spend 183 days or more in the UK in a tax year.

Factors that affect your UK residence status for taxation purposes

The following factors affect your UK residence status for taxation purposes:

  • Where your home is and if you have a home in the UK
  • If you’re working in the UK or abroad
  • If you have family and other ties to the UK
  • How long you spend in the UK as compared to time spent in other countries
  • Whether you have been resident in the UK in previous tax years

It is important to note that you are still entitled to claim personal tax allowances as a non-resident if you are a UK or European Economic Area (EEA) national.

Xcelentra for your assistance

Non-residents of the UK often need to fully reconcile their positions by filing a UK tax return. If you are not sure about whether you need to file a UK tax return, Xcelentra can check your circumstances and clarify this. We can also check if you have overpaid tax and if you are due to claim a UK tax refund. Do note the following important points:

Your residence status elsewhere is irrelevant to determining your UK residence status for taxation purposes.

  • It is possible to be resident for tax purposes in two countries.
  • Broadly speaking, if you are a UK resident, you are taxable on your worldwide income in the UK for the period during which you are a resident.
  • If you are considered a non-resident, then your UK income tax liability is normally restricted to earnings from employment carried on in the UK or on UK based personal income, such as interest on UK bank accounts, UK dividends, and rental income from UK properties.
  • You are still entitled to personal tax allowances as a non-resident if you are a UK or European Economic Area (EEA) national.
  • Non-residents of the UK often need to fully reconcile their positions by preparing and filing a UK tax return. Remember, that in the UK, the onus is generally on the taxpayer to tell HMRC if they think they need to file a tax return.

Xcelentra provides a comprehensive range of top of the line services to help our UK based clients achieve greater efficiencies and productivity. Our services range from routine annual compliance to specialist advice, according to your particular business sector and circumstances. Thus, we offer a very comprehensive set of services, including tax preparation for small business, corporate tax planning services, corporate tax return services, UK corporation tax services, etc.

Our corporate tax compliance services in the UK include:

  • Robust processes for gathering tax data and meeting your company’s financial reporting obligations for tax compliance.
  • Preparation and submission of tax computations, using the latest software capable of meeting all relevant online filing requirements.
  • Advising on specialist areas (such as R&D tax credits) and submitting relevant claims on your behalf.
  • Dealing with tax offices on your behalf, responding to their queries and settling any disputes.

With Xcelentra’s expertise and experience, we can help you thoroughly analyse and understand your business environment, thereby helping you to anticipate opportunities and problems, work out a realistic and practical solution, and implement it for you, leaving you free to focus on your business. Our VAT related services include UK VAT registration services and VAT refund services. Our VAT related services in the UK include advisory as well as outsourcing services.

Xcelentra, along with its associates in different countries, regularly assists companies in the UK in managing and reducing transfer pricing risks and offers comprehensive transfer pricing services. Xcelentra assists companies by aligning practical transfer pricing solutions with their overall global business operations and objectives. We also assist clients in the UK with strategic documentation to support their transfer pricing practices, and we help our clients in resolving disputes efficiently.

Our wide range of services in the UK includes:

  • Documentation
  • Advance Price Agreements
  • Addressing Disputes
  • Optimization of Structure

Xcelentra’s expertise and experience extends to every aspect of international tax planning and compliance and this reflects in the services that we offer to our clients in the UK. Xcelentra regularly advises its clients in the UK on a host of issues, including initial overseas investment, management of global effective tax rate, financing international operations and cross border transactions and structuring. We use our specialized knowledge to understand our clients’ business and deliver tailored tax solutions that are aligned with their wider business strategy.

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Xcelentra is a leading financial services provider and its cutting edge and end to end solutions in the UK make it extremely easy for you to run your own business. Xcelentra provides each of its clients with a dedicated account manager in order to efficiently and effectively handle their records and their queries, if any. This ensures that our clients in the UK achieve the maximum possible productivity while firmly remaining in the driving seat and thus, getting full control over their finances.

Limited company formation

Xcelentra will assist you fully in setting up your own Limited Company in the UK, will do all the necessary registrations, and will also help you in day to day operations. Thus, Xcelentra will help you with many important one time activities. These activities include:

  • Limited Company Formation with your chosen company name
  • Advice on the best holding pattern for shares in your new company
  • Company registration with relevant authorities for PAYE and corporation tax
  • Company registration for VAT, if applicable
  • Opening your company bank account

Assistance with key operational tasks

  • Xcelentra will provide you with end to end assistance, which will help you tackle many important operational tasks. Some of Xcelentra’s services include:
  • A dedicated account manager for your company
  • Providing comprehensive spreadsheets to help with recording of trading activities and management controls of the company
  • Preparation of weekly/monthly pay slips for one fee-earning director
  • Book keeping – managing and maintaining the books of account of the limited company
  • Preparation of quarterly VAT returns
  • Advice on joining the VAT Flat Rate Scheme
  • Dividend planning and administration
  • Attention to detail and dealing with all correspondence with relevant authorities
  • Preparation of annual PAYE returns (P35, P14, P111d)
  • Preparation and submission of annual accounts
  • Preparation and submission of corporation tax computations and corporation tax returns (CT600)
  • Dedicated accountants for filing your Annual Return (AR01) with relevant authorities
  • Preparation of the self-assessment tax return for the director, when their income is derived mainly from their limited company

Xcelentra is an end to end service provider in the UK and it has well structured processes to take care of your entire bookkeeping activity. This service is especially helpful for small scale businesses and startups in the UK and it enables businesses to achieve higher productivity and growth with lower costs. To know more about this service, please get in touch with Xcelentra today. Xcelentra offers comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services for firms (including small businesses) based in London and in other parts of UK.

Xcelentra is a leading financial services provider in the UK and its expertise and experience extends to providing payment services for both Employee expense reimbursement and Vendor payments. Xcelentra has a well-structured and robust process for managing payments for your business in the UK. Though these payment activities are voluminous, Xcelentra offers this service at a very competitive price. This is achieved through Xcelentra’s offshoring model wherein most of the voluminous activities are executed from its back office located in India. Thus, with Xcelentra, you can manage all such activities cheaply and efficiently.

Xcelentra is a comprehensive service provider and at Xcelentra, we believe in taking care of all of our client’s needs and thus offering them complete peace of mind. Hence, we offer comprehensive UK Immigration and Visa advisory and consultancy services to our clients. Our aim is to help you achieve a seamless transition from one geographic base to the UK. Using our initiative, instinct, expertise, and experience, we help you achieve successful gateway approvals quickly and effortlessly.

The UK is a very popular destination for people wanting to live and work in a new country. However, the UK’s immigration system is complex. Since 2008, most work-related visa applications, as well as many study visa applications, have been made through a five tier points-based system which measures applicants against various criteria designed to assess their eligibility for a UK work or study visa. Since 2010, the UK government has made it harder for workers from outside the European Economic Area to work in the UK. The main work visas currently open to new applicants are as follows:

Tier 1: High value migrants

Tier 1 (Entrepreneur): For people with at least £50,000 to invest in the UK by taking over or setting up a UK business

Tier 1 (Investor): For people who want to invest in the UK and have at least £1m to invest in a UK investment opportunity

Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur): For graduates of UK universities who are endorsed by their university (limited to 2,000 a year)

Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent): Only open to truly exceptional people working in the arts and sciences (limited to 1,000 a year)

Tier 2: Skilled workers

Tier 2 (General): For workers who have an offer of skilled work and a certificate of sponsorship from a UK employer with a valid Tier 2 sponsorship licence. The job on offer must be one that cannot be filled by a worker already resident in the UK. Since 2011, there has been a cap of 20,700 visas that can be issued in this category every year

Tier 2 (Intra company transfer): For employees of multinationals who are being transferred to the UK branch. Applicants must have a valid certificate of sponsorship from their employer. There are four sub-categories

Long-term staff

Short-term staff

Graduate trainee

Skills transfer

Tier 2 (sportsman): For sportspeople of international calibre intending to stay in the UK for a lengthy period

Tier 2 (minister of religion): For missionaries, monks, ministers of religion, etc.

Tier 4: Students

Tier 4 student visas are for students at UK educational institutions. While studying, some students are allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week during term time and full time during their holidays.

Tier 5: Temporary workers

Youth mobility scheme: People from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Monaco or Taiwan can come to the UK on a ‘working holiday’ visa and experience life in the UK while working to pay their way.

Creative and sporting: Artists, performers and sportspeople of international calibre can come to work in the UK

Charity and religious workers: For missionaries and unpaid charity workers

Government authorised exchange: For people coming under government-approved schemes aimed at sharing of knowledge, experience and best practice.

International agreement: For people coming to the UK under contract to do work covered by international agreements, employees of international governments, and private servants in diplomatic households