Xcelentra is one of the leading providers of end to end immigration outsourcing and advisory services in 18 countries of Europe. Xcelentra and its associates together have many decades of experience in immigration outsourcing and advisory services. Our services are customised to fully meet your needs and we take care of your entire advisory services requirements end-to-end. We offer highly responsive and exemplary support which ensures that your company and your employees are well-informed and are fully taken care of at every stage. Thus, with Xcelentra, your complete satisfaction and peace of mind is fully guaranteed. Our end to end immigration services covers setting up branch or subsidiary of the foreign company in the desired country , Preparation of work permit application , submission and processing for main applicant and their dependants , work visa extension application and processing for main application and dependants ,pre and post arrival support to main applicant and dependants covering registration and de registration with the local authorities , commune etc , support for housing hunting etc .

We have divided the immigration process in broadly three catetories which are as follows :

Process Before Work Permit Application covering :

  • Verify the legal status of client in country of origin and country of deputation .
  • Verify legal status of site of work .
  • Verify key items in service contract
  • Check whether there is certificate of coverage between the two countries

Work Permit and Renewal Application Process covering :

  • Collect and check all the required documents
  • Get the documents translated and legalised if required .
  • Complete and submit the application to the authorities  For renewal , at least one month before expiry of  previous work permit.
  • In case of a first time application, Collect and Submit the work permit to the employer
  • In case of renewal and extension , send a copy of the approval letter to the employee and employee would collect the work permit in person

Residence  Permit – First time and Extension

  • On arrival of the employee , we register employee in person to the commune of residence . Sometimes forms have to be completed in the local language which requires presence of translator .
  • All the commune to execute their standard checks , including neighbourhood investigation .
  • Await the approval letter.
  • Collect the residence permit /card at the town hall of the employee commune of residence .
  • Assist employee in house hunting and  other local registration e.g. police  ,assist in school admissions etc  on arrival in the country
  • On Departure of employee , complete all the de registration formalities .

Relocating to another country can be an extremely time-consuming and complex process. Thus, immigration can be a harrowing experience for an employee as well for employers. Different countries have different rules and systems for immigration and these rules are often implemented very strictly. Hence, companies and individuals need extremely precise and technically accurate advice in order to ensure that they are able to clear the immigration process without any hassles. Xcelentra and its associates together have tremendous experience and technical knowledge in this field and our expertise reflects in our top-notch and comprehensive Immigration advisory services. These services are designed to take care of all your immigration requirements and ensure that you complete the immigration process quickly and effortlessly. Thus, Xcelentra is highly reputed for its immigration advisory services for employees as well as employers.