VAT – Value Added Tax

With Xcelentra’s expertise and experience, we can help you thoroughly analyse and understand your business environment, thereby helping you to anticipate opportunities and problems, work out a realistic and practical solution, and implement it for you, leaving you free to focus on your business.

Advisory services

We regularly advise our clients on the VAT implications of their future business plans, thus ensuring that they are VAT compliant always. This also ensures that the VAT structure does not become a hindrance for their regular business or its growth. As and when required, we also assist clients with various implementation related activities. Moreover, we also carry out periodic VAT reviews to ensure that the client’s business is VAT efficient and fully compliant and all of its filings are error free. We also assist clients in identifying VAT related opportunities to improve cash flow.

Outsourcing services

We regularly assist clients by completing their VAT returns, either at their own premises or at our offices. This enables our clients to use their own staff more efficiently, thus enabling them to focus on their regular business related activities. When clients wish to get their returns prepared at their own premises, then we also provide exhaustive review services to validate that returns have been correctly completed.