Payment Outsourcing

Xcelentra is a leading financial services provider and its expertise and experience extends to providing payment services for both Employee expense reimbursement and Vendor payments. Modern organisations prefer to fully focus on their key business and minimize the use of bandwidth for non – core activities. However, there are certain non-core activities, such as Employee Expense reimbursements and Vendor payments, which are part of an organisation’s regular work. Both of these are tiresome and unrewarding processes, yet they are vital to the smooth operation of the business. For example, ensuring that employees are re-reimbursed promptly for business journeys and expenses incurred during the course of their work is vital to maintaining an efficient and motivated workforce. Managing this process in-house can be time consuming and expensive. Also, considering complex tax laws in Europe and beyond, this could expose an organization to compliance risk.

With the above mentioned issues in mind, more and more companies are now opting for outsourcing non-core activities such as Employee expense reimbursement and Vendor payment. Xcelentra has a well-structured and robust process for managing such payments. Though these activities are voluminous, Xcelentra offers this service at a very competitive price. This is achieved through Xcelentra’s offshoring model wherein most of the voluminous activities are executed from its back office located in India. Thus, with Xcelentra, you can manage all such activities economically and efficiently.