Social Security Exemption

At Xcelentra, we believe in providing the full range of services to our clients in order to ensure that we are able to take care of all of their needs and ensure their complete satisfaction and peace of mind. With our expertise and experience, we are well-equipped to help our clients every step of the way. In keeping with this guiding principle, we offer complete end to end services to our clients in order to ensure that they get the maximum benefits possible under Social Security Exemption rules.

As part of Social Security, in various countries, the employee and the employer may need to contribute some periodic amounts towards the following:

The Government of India has signed Social Security Agreements (SSA) with some countries in order to ensure that there is no double payment of social security (i.e. payment in both India and also in the other country). As per such agreements, if an employee is covered under the Indian Provident Fund scheme during his stay in another country and has obtained the necessary Certificate of Coverage, then social security payments in the other country may not be needed.

Xcelentra assists its clients in getting the maximum benefit from these rules by helping them comply with SSA requirements, liaisoning with the Indian Provident Fund office and also with the host country’s Social Security office.