Netherlands Services

Xcelentra and its associates together have many decades of experience in various financial and accounting services in many countries, including the Netherlands. We are leading providers of cutting edge and cost effective payroll processing services – indeed, we are one of the most reputed payroll service providers in the Netherlands and are considered one of the best companies in the Netherlands for payroll processing services and payroll outsourcing solutions. Xcelentra provides customized and speedy employee payroll processing services to companies of all sizes, including small businesses.


Xcelentra has the expertise to assist you properly in setting up your Dutch payroll records and in performing related day to day tasks. Our local associate presence assures you of expert and reliable advice immediately in case you have any issue. We provide advice in the area of payroll accounting for all companies operating in the Netherlands, including Dutch subsidiaries and branches of foreign firms.


If you want to keep a firm grip on your payroll and personnel records in the Netherlands and rest assured that all payroll administration and personnel records are in full compliance with legislation, then Xcelentra is the right partner for you.


As part of payroll accounting services in the Netherlands, we help you with the following activities:

  • Registration with the Dutch Tax Office
  • Registration with the UWV (Social Security Organisation)
  • Creation of employment contracts
  • Application of the 30% ruling (if applicable)
  • Calculation of monthly salary and creation of pay slips
  • Advice about available tax free allowances
  • Submitting of wage tax returns and forms for national insurance
  • Year end statements and all statutory filings
  • Creating payment schedules for wage tax, national insurance, and net wages
  • Personal income tax returns

Individual Tax return filing

Based on our expertise in the field of individual taxation internationally, Xcelentra offers comprehensive, cutting edge, customised individual tax preparation services and income tax return filing services, along with taxation advisory services (including company tax return, tax filing services for small business, non resident Netherlands tax return, Netherlands expat tax return, etc). Xcelentra not only prepares regular tax returns for clients in the Netherlands but also explores and claims various benefits available to an individual in different countries in order to minimize his tax liability. Apart from the regular individual tax return filing, we also represent our clients before relevant authorities in the Netherlands (such as Income Tax, Social Security, National Insurance, etc.) with respect to their tax and social security matters, as and when needed.


Do note that we correspond and communicate exclusively in English with our Netherlands’ clients so that there is no scope for misinterpretation and all rules and regulations are completely clear to all parties concerned. Also note that a personal income tax box system has been in place in the Netherlands since 2001. This system comprises three boxes:

  1. one for income from employment (including a business) and home ownership,
  2. one for income from substantial interests,
  3. and one for income from savings and investments.


All income elements must be allocated to the appropriate boxes since each box has its own tax rate, which may be fixed or progressive. Xcelentra has exhaustive knowledge and experience of the complex maze of statutory provisions in the Netherlands. Thus, we ensure that your personal income tax payouts are fully optimized and are as low as possible. We have local associates who are thoroughly versed in each of these sub-specialties, and who regularly deal with issues such as an individual’s personal residence, company car, role as a director/major shareholder, business succession, profit from a taxpayer’s own business, trusts, etc. Hence, with Xcelentra, you can be sure of getting the best possible advice for every possible scenario.

Xcelentra provides a comprehensive range of top of the line services to help our Netherlands based clients achieve greater efficiencies and productivity. Our services range from routine annual compliance to specialist advice, according to your particular business sector and circumstances. Thus, we offer a very comprehensive set of services, including tax preparation for small business, corporate tax planning services, corporate tax return services, Netherlands corporation tax services, etc.


Our corporate tax compliance services in the Netherlands include:

  • Robust processes for gathering tax data and meeting your company’s financial reporting obligations for tax compliance.
  • Preparation and submission of tax computations, using the latest software capable of meeting all relevant online filing requirements.
  • Advising on specialist areas (such as R&D tax credits) and submitting relevant claims on your behalf.
  • Dealing with tax offices on your behalf, responding to their queries and settling any disputes.

With Xcelentra’s expertise and experience, we can help you thoroughly analyse and understand your business environment, thereby helping you to anticipate opportunities and problems, work out a realistic and practical solution, and implement it for you, leaving you free to focus on your business. Our VAT related services include Netherlands VAT registration services and VAT refund services. Our VAT related services in the Netherlands include advisory as well as outsourcing services.

We regularly advise our clients on the VAT implications of their future business plans, thus ensuring that they are VAT compliant always. This also ensures that the VAT structure does not become a hindrance for their regular business or its growth. As and when required, we also assist clients with various implementation related activities.

We also carry out periodic VAT reviews to ensure that the client’s business is VAT efficient and fully compliant and all of its filings are error free. We also assist clients in identifying VAT related opportunities to improve cash flow.

We regularly assist clients by completing their VAT returns, either at their own premises or at our offices. This enables our clients to use their own staff more efficiently, thus enabling them to focus on their regular business related activities. When clients wish to get their returns prepared at their own premises, then we also provide exhaustive review services to validate that returns have been correctly completed.

Xcelentra, along with its associates in different countries, regularly assists companies in the Netherlands in managing and reducing transfer pricing risks and offers comprehensive transfer pricing services. Xcelentra assists companies by aligning practical transfer pricing solutions with their overall global business operations and objectives. We also assist clients in the Netherlands with strategic documentation to support their transfer pricing practices, and we help our clients in resolving disputes efficiently.


Our wide range of services in the Netherlands includes:

  • Documentation
  • Advance Price Agreements
  • Addressing Disputes
  • Optimization of Structure

Xcelentra is a comprehensive service provider and at Xcelentra, we believe in taking care of all of our client’s needs and thus offering them complete peace of mind. Hence, we offer comprehensive Netherlands Immigration and Visa advisory and consultancy services to our clients. Our aim is to help you achieve a seamless transition from one geographic base to the Netherlands. Using our initiative, instinct, expertise, and experience, we help you achieve successful gateway approvals quickly and effortlessly.

The Netherlands is a very popular destination for people wanting to live and work in a new country. However, the Netherlands’ immigration system is complex. A work permit to the Netherlands is an employer-led process. You must meet requirements regarding age, skill level and career length while the company must have advertised the job internally and must be paying you more than the average salary to justify a Netherlands work visa. So, if you want to work in Holland, you will have to meet the Netherlands’ visa requirements first.

Thus, getting a Netherlands work visa can be a complicated and cumbersome process if you’re not from the EU. This is because you have to rely on the employer applying for a Dutch work permit through Dutch immigration authorities on your behalf. Further, before applying for a work visa to the Netherlands, the employer has to advertise the position locally to see if it can be filled by current Dutch citizens or residents.

Apart from advertising in newspapers, websites, and with the local employment service (Arbeitsamt), the employer will also have to look at training an existing employee before a Netherlands work visa application can be submitted. However, if the job is part of a shortage sector (as per Netherlands’ guidelines), then the employer will usually have no trouble getting a work permit for Netherlands.

During the application process for a Dutch work permit, a non-EEA applicant can visit the Netherlands  for meetings or interviews, but not to work. Note that the application process for working in Holland is usually less than six weeks long from submission through to decision.

There are some requirements that you need to meet in order to secure a Netherlands work visa. Apart from nationality and advertising guidelines, the work visa for the Netherlands requires applicants to be aged between 18 and 45, and have been employed by the company for more than six months (if it is an intra-company transfer). The salary must also meet the national minimum wage, and a Netherlands residence visa must be acquired for those from outside the EEA if the expected period of work is for longer than six months.

This is all that you need for a work visa to Netherlands. The good news is that after living in the Netherlands for three years on a Netherlands work visa, some foreign nationals can apply for a permanent residence. Thereafter, they would be free to take up any legal employment and would no longer need an employer-sponsored work permit for Netherlands.

Thus, securing a Netherlands work visa can be a daunting task. But, with Xcelentra’s expertise and experience, you can easily get rid of the hassles of this task and secure your visa effortlessly.